Genhyal Oran, Algiers Algeria, is a multidisciplinary agency by the profile of its executives and by the accumulated experience for years in the field of global communication and its declination in digital solutions, web, print, edition and events. Genhyal has created a dense network between its activities. The training is related to web and digital communication professions. Social networks, advertising campaigns and sponsorship on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram are at the heart of our web marketing strategy. The creation, seo web SEO, auditing and writing of relevant, unique and original web content are strategic elements of our differentiation of competition.

Creation, makeover and natural and paid referencing of your website

Make you visible on the web, even more than your competitors and with a quick return on investment, this is the main objective of the communication agency Genhyal Algeria. The creation of professional websites, showcase, E commerce meeting the standards of Forms and background is our job for a decade. Our deadlines for an online website whose pages are indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines are 30 days if all the information is available. Our offer distinguishes the price of the creation of the website and that of the referencing for access the first page of Google which supposes months of hard work. The price of a professional website varies between 60,000 dinars and 350,000 dinars for a group portal. The price of SEO for the first positions Google varies between 2000 dinars and 3000 dinars the page optimized. It goes without saying that the obligation of result will be respected. Your location on the first page of Google search results is guaranteed!

Website hosting

The best ways to host your website safely. Shared or dedicated, our formulas cover all your needs. The communication agency Genhyal offers a single hosting offer, shared, based on the latest technologies. The Genhyal hosting solution avoids complex choices and hesitations. The hosting Genhyal is under treated and made reliable with a European host of irreproachable reputation. A year of efficient and secure hosting of your website will cost you 4500 dinars per year (accommodation: single formula)

Domain name

A personal key to enter the magical world of the web. We have more than 700 extensions to satisfy you. Multiple benefits attached to our offer, including free mailboxes, secure and configured. Website audit. More than booking your domain name and configuration, it is the assistance and monitoring of your url by the Genhyal communication agency that is important. We assist you in choosing a domain name that improves your SEO. Prices vary depending on the extension, .com is counted at 2600 dinars / year, .pro at 2300 dinars / year. (Domains names, prices and extensions available)

Web site referencing for Google's top spot

The communication agency Genhyal Algeria supports the setting up of your website in the best positions on search engines. A long-term job that costs between 400 and 2000 dinars optimized page. Building your reputation E and converting visitors to your website into customers. A website is basically intended to be well positioned on the search results to justify its existence. Search engines give answers to users' queries about Thousands of pages of results but only the first page of results that captures 93% of the interest of Internet users, or by the way that thousands of pages do not interest anyone and will never have visits. The SEO agency Genhyal Alger Algeria masters the techniques to channel to your site the maximum of visits because of its good position on the first page of Google or other search engine.

Web training

Genhyal provides training in the field, in agencies, on concrete cases. Our training methods will make you love digital technologies, mobile, web, social networks. A certificate is issued to students. The communication agency Genhyal has acquired a great experience in the web business and particularly the realization of professional websites, showcases and E commerce. The goal of web training is to quickly acquire, in real life, the necessary skills. to be operational. Implementation and structuring of text and media contents, design ergonomics, links, seo referencing and website administration. The program set up is that of a webmaster and asks for more abilities than competence in this area. From specifications to website animation and learning programming languages, Genhyal takes care of your behavior in the face of complexity and assists you to overcome technical difficulties. (training in web creation techniques)

Website audit

There can be no follow-up and correction of your webmarketing strategy without audit and periodic evaluations with professional tools and a relevant look at your results. The communication agency Genhyal Algeria brings its experience of the audit and analysis of websites on all of its components and in particular: • Content audit: Texts and media must carry useful messages to the user, not not be duplicated and make sense of the purpose of the web page. The content is king and must be treated and periodically updated. • Ergonomics audit: This is to be visually pleasing to the user, the navigation must be comfortable and easy and the site must be loaded quickly. • Performance audit: Number of visitors per periods and converted leads, time spent on the website. • Technical audit, automatic or non-automatic triggering of videos, behavior of the internal search engine, etc. (audit and website analysis by example)
Audit et analyse seo de sites web
Sécurité web , protection des bases de données et de la messagerie

Web security

Genhyal Oran, Algeria offers secure formulas, domain name, websites or mailboxes, we analyze vulnerabilities and other vulnerabilities and bring the best solutions with reliable partners and affordable prices. Information has invaded the internet bubble and flaws have become part of this trend, making web security a permanent challenge. A lack of protection of your website generates risks of business interruption, data loss and serious malfunctions. The communication agency Genhyal Algeria is equipped with skills to implement strict and evolving security measures. Genhyal audits your web applications and reinforces your secure presence on the web.(Web security, techniques and prices)

Social media

More and more present in the lives of Internet users and essential to build your notoriety, social networks, mainly facebook, well used bring an invaluable added value to your business. This reality is becoming stronger and more and different social networks at the same time. Like Facebook or Tweeter and the other social networks closely follow this evolution which operates from a shift of its original social character to an unprecedented commercial and advertising offensive. The communication agency Genhyal Algeria supports your presence on the social network and manages your page and your communities. (Animation of social networks, techniques and prices)
Médias et réseaux sociaux ,création et management
Création graphique , charte et communication

Graphic creations

Graphic design is a part of corporate communication. It's about attracting customers and prospects and pushing them to engagement. Today, in the age of the web and its performance in the construction of the E reputation, the company is required to develop the means of print, signage, catalog and brochure and advertising. The world of the economy is a world of message and the channels of transmission are multiple and more and more effective. The communication agency Genhyal Algeria highlights your brand and puts you in front of your most experienced competitors. (Graphic design, products and prices)